wrong side of the argument

Posted: March 4, 2013 in NSFE

Rob BellWhile there are many who are critical of Rob Bell, no camp is louder in their criticism than the neo-Reformed crowd. And their loudest criticism — at least since the release of the “Love Wins” promo video (they didn’t wait for the book) — is that Bell is a universalist.

Now, having not read the book, I don’t have enough information yet to form an opinion one way or the other. But I know and respect too many people who have read the book who have said, “How anyone can read this and come to the conclusion that Bell is a universalist is beyond me.” But let’s assume that my friends and others of similar beliefs are all wrong and the neo-Refs are right. In other words, let’s assume that Bell is a universalist.

So let’s see: universalism (at least as defined by Bell’s critics) teaches that no one will go to Hell. That instead, man does not have free will to accept or reject God.  Shouldn’t the neo-Refs be over the moon about such a concept?

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