methinks the professor doth PROTEST too much

Posted: March 5, 2013 in NSFE, NSFW

Much e-ink has been spilled over Owen Strachan’s rant about the destruction of gender roles by Sesame Street. I’ll not cover the same ground as the rebuttals as (1) that would be redundant and (2) the problems with Strachan’s thought process are just too obvious. Fish, barrels, etc.

I will note a couple of brilliant rebuttals and then I’ll move on to the part that stuck out to me (but appears to have been largely overlooked by others).

Although Murray alludes to it a bit, neither article (nor several others that I read) addresses one of the issues that jumped out at me. While bemoaning the end of an era where Biblicity gets confused with “Protestant America in the 1950′s according to Norman Rockwell” (Murray’s brilliant words), Strachan says:

I grew up watching Sesame Street. That was in an era when it was largely, like much of American culture, compatible with a basically traditional outlook on the world. In other words, you could predict as a Christian parent that many cultural outlets would support, in a general sense, a Protestant worldview. Boys were boys; girls were girls; right and wrong exists; authority figures are good; and so on.

Wow! Really, Owen? Those concepts in your last sentence — those are Protestant values? Not Judeo-Christian. Not even just narrowed down to Christian. But specifically Protestant.

(I won’t even go into the fact that Islam makes most complementarians look like Dr Frank-N-Furter.)

Now, while I strongly disagree with John MacArthur’s hatred for all-things-Roman-Catholic, at least he has the stones to go around calling Catholics “the enemy” and writing blog series to better equip his sheeple to tell Catholics how much they suck.

But Strachan’s attitude is much more insidious. He’s not merely proud to be a Protestant — it’s woven into his very self-definition: these are my values, I am a Protestant; ergo, these are Protestant values. And it’s not even like he goes through that line of “reasoning”; it’s in his very fiber. Strachan uses “Protestant” as an adjective with all the thoughtlessness of a Quentin Tarantino character using “fucking” as an adjective.

Scary stuff.


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