wrong side of the argument #1a

Posted: March 17, 2013 in NSFE

most offensive movie ever to CalvinistsThis post is actually a follow-up to this one that I wrote a couple weeks ago.

After that post hit someone’s radar, they accused me of committing the “the part-to-whole fallacy”. Now I have a friend who is a logical fallacy ninja, so I’ve learned a good bit about such things in recent years. Therefore, I knew what the accuser was talking about.

I explained that “I was using absurdity to illustrate absurdity”, and that seemed to satisfy the other person. However, it occurred to me that the absurdity that I was illustrating might still not have been clear — if it was, he might not have been as satisfied. I decided not to pursue it further, though.

But then, “Dan” “Phillips” went and gave Exhibit A with this Twitter gem the other day:

If the Bible you have features a God who can be defeated by human “free will,” better #CheckYourBible

See, in order to buy into Calvinism (or at least the brand that most neo-Refs buy into) you have to be violently opposed to the concept of free will. There is no middle ground or alternate explanation in the neo-Ref’s eyes.

This line of thinking is so incredibly fallacious that it doesn’t even have to depend on which part of the Arminianism-Calvinsim spectrum that you fall on. Because to conflate free will and defeating God is an absolute absurdity. By this same logic, every sin that is committed is a defeat of God (at least temporarily). After all, if free will is in stark opposition to God — and it certainly is if one equates it with defeating him (or at least attempting to do so) — then sin (which is clearly in opposition to God) is of equal measure in defeating him.

See, “Dan”, there’s this thing called God’s permissive will. He allows things to happen that aren’t necessarily in his perfect will. Abortion. Murder. Natural disasters. Towers falling on people and killing them. Pauly Shore’s career.

I mean, really, do you want to serve an entity that caused Bio-Dome ?


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