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Posted: March 21, 2013 in general

So I’m looking at a recent TeamPyro post (I go there to relieve my hypotension) by “Dan” “Phillips” and there are so many links in the article, that it looks like a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (red being the color they use for unvisited links). I look a bit closer and realize that EIGHT of those links are self-referential (linking to other posts on that same blog). I hadn’t even read the post yet, but I just had to comment — the narcissism was overwhelming — so I wrote:

I haven’t seen that many self-referential links since the last time I read Ken Silva.

Naturally, with no actual evidence, “Dan” assumed what my comment was really about, and replied thusly:

So that’s another vote for “True, untrue, who cares? Just shut up about it.”

Every false teacher and irresponsible leader is indebted to such as you, Ted.

Now, like I said, I hadn’t even read the post yet. So I had no clue what he was talking about.  I replied:

My comment — a mere statement of fact — stands on its own, and is in no way commentary on the content of the post.

But, I take back my Ken Silva reference — it’s not fair. Ken never read THAT MUCH into something someone else said.

Two minutes later, either embarrassed by the fact that he made a really bad assumption or angry about the fact that he’s worse than Silva, “Dan” deleted the entire exchange. And then even cobbled together a quick “move along; nothing to see here” comment to make it look like there had been no activity in the last couple hours.

But there really should be a record of it somewhere.

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destroying evidence is a crime in most states


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