move along; no irony to see here

Posted: April 25, 2013 in general

According to “Dan” “Phillips”, I am akin to “the tick or the mosquito, content to suck out others’ lifeblood … [seeking a] larger host organism”, ostensibly to ride its coat-tails to fame and fortune. This classification was given due to actions that I took in a neutral medium (Twitter).

So, I’m so inconsequential that I (and my ilk) get over half of the text of a post by “Dan”.


In Frank Turk’s sidebar (that I referenced in my last post), he requested that the sidebar issue not “derail the comments to [the topic of his main] post”. Wishing to honor that request, I took my qualms about the sidebar to my blog and its paltry readership.

Apparently, my blog is so inconsequential that taking my qualms to my “4 readers” instead of airing them to a much larger audience on the “host organism” that is the TP blog, got me banned from the latter.



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