The purpose of this blog is to keep me from having a stroke.


I already have a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. What I don’t have is the ability or desire to say every last thing that comes in my head — at least in a public manner. If I always said what I was really thinking, my number of friends, both real and FB, would sink faster than the Titanic had there been a huge magnet on the floor of the north Atlantic.

Under the cloak of anonymity, though, it’s a whole different ballgame. If I don’t offend you at least once in six months or 15 posts, I’ll give you double your money back.

A friend of mine once told me that she maintains a second Twitter account whereon she tweets the stuff that would be too offensive to some friends if she put those thoughts on her main account. I found this a bit hard to believe — she pulls no punches and cusses like a sailor with Tourette’s — but apparently there’s a line even for her.  This blog is my version of that — I’m not as succinct as she is — Twitter won’t cut it.

So back to my money-back guarantee to offend you. How will I accomplish this? Let me count the ways.

You’ve probably heard of the acronym, NSFW — Not Safe For Work. I’ve got a few related acronyms. Oddly, they all speak to circles that I generally run in.


Not Safe For Conservatives – I am politically very conservative. At one time, this meant that I was a Republican. However, the two parties in this country are now completely indistinguishable, so that moniker no longer applies. So let’s set that aside. Sadly, being conservative (or liberal, for that matter) has devolved for most people into nothing more than “I’m not the other side.” So even that moniker is fading. But I’ll stick with it for now.

That said, there are people on my end of the political spectrum who have some really insane ideas. And I’m going to point them out. At times, I may make Keith Olbermann look like Bill O’Reilly. So hang on.


Not Safe For Evangelicals – I am a follower of Jesus of Nazareth and he is Lord of my life (at least when I’m not being stupid and kicking him off the throne). My belief system, overall, is quite (theologically) conservative and you could easily characterize me as an evangelical.

That said, there are people on my end of the theological spectrum who have some really insane ideas. And I’m going to point them out. At times, I may make Brian McLaren look like John MacArthur. So hang on.


Not Safe For Work – Yeah, this pretty much means what you have come to expect. I’m gonna cuss. Not excessively and not unnecessarily. But it’s coming; so be warned.

We have become so anesthetized to what Jesus saved us out of, that it doesn’t really seem all that bad when we talk about it. But it’s bad; it’s really bad. And sometimes the only way to be reminded of how bad, is to see it in the context of the punch in the gut that well-placed “bad” language can provide.

For instance, during my formative years, I was surrounded by a lot of fundamentalism. Decades later, I’m still dealing with the ramifications. I have made a psychologist cry over the stuff that I saw done in the name of Jesus.

Fundamentalism did not mess me up.

It did not screw me up.

It fucked me up.


I don’t know yet. Maybe nobody. My plan is to share it with a select set of friends who won’t “out” my identity and who — if offended — will have the character to approach me about it.

We’ll see.


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